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Legit Pits Organic Deodorant


Having a great deodorant is an essential part of life. My obsession with creating this line began with a search for a deodorant that actually worked, but was also healthy for my body. I wanted something natural and organic that was aluminum-free with 2 wonderful gender-neutral scents.  
What I found instead was that if it was natural, it just didn’t work and so I continued my quest.  After trying over 30 brands, I was still left incredibly disappointed with the results.  This is why I decided to create my own. 
It was years of research and a lot of concoctions before I found, “THE ONE,” but I truly believe Legit Pits is the last deodorant you’ll ever need. 

I also lost my sister to cancer at a young age, so it is very important to me to share this “Aluminum-free” product with others.  

Legit Pits Is 100% Organic, Aluminum-Free, And Has Only Been Tested On Humans.
Here’s To Keeping It Fresh!
Coraly Serrano
Owner/Creator | Massage Therapist & Esthetician